No Fear Factor

“Anything Rooted in Fear Will Not Manifest”

These are not my words, they’re actually from Ayanna Molina better known as Mama Fiyah, founder of True Love Movement, from her book “Keep It High: Thoughts in a New Light”. When I read those words, they resonated within me deeply. Although I had not been searching for a mantra or affirmation, it came to me right as I needed it. The phrase has been one that’s guided and comforted me for the past few months. I often repeat or write this daily for reassurance and as motivation. 

The first word of the statement that struck me was “fear”. Fear is such a familiar emotion for me. I have often been trapped by fear; fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of uncertainty, and more. For so long I’ve allowed fear (and inertia, go back and read that post) to stop me from pursuing my goals, having new experiences, and making potential connections. Fear oftentimes places an unnecessary halt on the forward moving processes of our lives. We can become frozen with fear, unable to create change within ourselves and our circumstances. Fear is the reason we can live in cycles, repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Fear keeps us being all that we can become. Eliminating fear as an emotion I don’t know is possible; however, I believe that managing fears, determining if the fear is relevant or valid, and overcoming fears are essential to manifesting the blessings in our life we desire. 

Which brings me to the second and most impactful part of the phrase “anything rooted in fear will not manifest”: MANIFEST. To manifest something can be described as the act of focusing the majority of your attention, emotion, awareness, and energy on is whatever you desire and it will become your reality. Others might say to manifest something is to simply speak it into existence. Whether we are manifesting love, success, financial abundance, or peace, we must be sure the spirit of fear is not present. Fear whispers “it’s too hard, too costly, will take too long, or can’t be done”. When we consider the relationship between fear and manifesting, it’s important to know that the two cannot coexist. When we have fear within us, we don’t have the capacity to even fathom that the things we desire are possible, much less see them come to fruition. We are sometimes so full of doubt that we spend no time focusing on our goals; sometimes we don’t even have the capacity and energy to set goals. 

Working to decrease and quiet our fears is essential to goal achievement and manifesting the life we desire. What fears are hold you back? What are you manifesting for your life? Share and comment!