Inertia Will Hurt Ya

After taking a personality test, I learned that my “type” was the Peacemaker, whose greater strengths include being accepting, creative, and optimistic but main “weaknesses” are being stubborn and  struggling with inertia. Stubborn, I can admit and like to think I’m simply headstrong and opinionated. Inertia, however, was a term that I only vaguely recalled at the time and had to look it up immediately. The definition smacked me in the face: inertia is simply the tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged. After learning what it was, and having an honest conversation with myself, I had to admit that I do indeed have issues with inertia. 

I tend to stop and start things frequently. Even on the third day of my self-imposed #writenow challenge, I wanted to do nothing, did not feel like writing and thought I had nothing to write about. I love ideas but struggle with action. A few of my close friends know that I recently made a list of over 30 projects/businesses that I would like to take on one day. I wrote that list on April 29th; as of today I have executed NOTHING! I oftentimes lack motivation or drive to make shift happen in my life. It is my greatest flaw. Inertia stops me from achieving my goals, making a significant difference in the community and creating changing within myself. I struggle with self-deprecating thoughts and often feeling like I can’t do the things I dream to do. But I also know that the universe will not bring you any dream that cannot be accomplished. 

Writing this entry is my effort at combating and eliminating inertia in my life. I know that taking daily steps towards actualizing my goals, no matter how small, will create forward change. 

I’m open to suggestions, tips and advice on how to keep moving forward when it seems like you’re standing still.