Writers, Write


“Start writing no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on”. Louis L’Amour

Painters paint. Actors act. Singers sing and dancers, dance. So following that simple logic, one would concur that: writers, write. 

I cannot call myself a writer, if I do not write. I sometimes allow the negative thoughts in my head, procrastination, and challenges of daily life to interfere with my writing. I use excuses and self-doubt to stop me from engaging in my most therapeutic and relaxing form of self-care. I worry about judgments and opinions of others and what they’ll think of me when they read my words. I started a blog but often felt like it was a waste of time or that it wasn’t well-received. I let those feelings (along with a dash of laziness) prevent me from writing consistently. Subconsciously, I know I have to share my words regardless of “likes” because, though our lives are unique and spectacularly different, we all have similar life experiences that can help, encourage, guide and sometimes, save others.

Reading about the trials, challenges and triumphs of others helps us to feel more heard, understood, and less alone. I have never underestimated the impact or influence of someone else’s journey on my own. My life has not been perfect nor easy, but I feel it is my responsibility and purpose to share my life so that someone who happens to come across my words knows that they aren’t alone in their thoughts, struggles and quirks. I vow to take my responsibility of writing about relevant and real topics more seriously and be more consistent.

#writenow starts today. I’m challenging myself to daily writings, which I will continue to share publicly, regardless of feedback, views, or likes. 

What healthy and productive practice will you commit to implement daily? Comment and let me know!