Quitters Never Win

 “Call it what it is, it’s quitting”. Those are the words a close friend spoke to me recently while I was trying to sugarcoat my tendency to start and stop new projects before completion. 

“Hi, my name is Ronisha and I am a quitter.” 

I tend to have really ambitious plans and ideas. From business ventures and working out to even the creation of this blog, I tend to quit when things don’t go my way. I am my biggest barrier to success. Over the past three years, I was supposed to open a group home, create a child care network, and write a book. I’ve achieved exactly 0% of my goals.

The reason (more like excuse) for my quitting is mostly fear of failing. Fear of failure keeps us from reaching our greatest potential. Not being good enough or as successful as others doing similar things keeps us from even trying sometimes. The opinions of others, both positive and negative, oftentimes stop us from giving our all to ideas and goals. Personally, I have so many people who believe in my ability to achieve greatness that I am sometimes overwhelmed with a feeling of not wanting to disappoint anyone. So overwhelmed, that in my irrational mind, doing nothing is better than doing something that won’t make my loved ones proud. Alternatively, I am afraid of putting effort into my ideas because I won’t be as good, as popular, or as significant as others doing similar or related things. Sometimes I’m just lazy, if I’m being honest. 

As I work towards being the best me that I can be, I have to work extremely hard to get rid of the quitter’s spirit. One method I’m implementing is doing one thing, big or small, daily toward furthering my dreams. Some days it’s researching funding for my ideas, some days it’s writing a few pages that may go in a book or improve my writing.  I have to work diligently to fight against my own self-doubt and actively pursue my dreams. I keep the thought of dying without making an impact on the world around me as my new motivation to keep going. I am realistic and recognize that I will have days when I want to give up, but if I have more days of facing and overcoming challenges, I am hopeful that I won’t quit again.